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Welcome to A-TEAM Training Center!

Here at A-Team Training Center we are looking to help you achieve your health and fitness goals by any means possible. We offer Las Vegas's most comprehensive approach to fitness, health, and training for clients of all activity levels. Our personal training and group classes and programs draw from diverse fitness practices, including sports conditioning, functional training, strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, fight training and more. From nutrition to rehabilitation A-Team Training Center has you covered!

Do you have weight to lose? Let's lose it! Do you have strength to gain? Let's gain it! Do you have training to do? Let's train it! Do you have FITNESS to accomplish? LET'S DO IT! We are a training center based on no excuses, we demand the best you can give, and give you the best we have in return. We look forward to seeing you come in our doors and walk out happier, healthier, and of course. More fit.

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Thank you.

—The A-Team

Stacey Alexander

  • Creator and founder of Kickfit and A-Team Training Center
  • IFBB Bikini Pro

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